Which bed would be better, Solid Wood Bed or Engineered Wood Bed?

Which bed would be better, Solid Wood Bed or Engineered Wood Bed?

Solid Wood Bed Vs. Engineered Wood Bed?

When you are going to buy a bed, you’ll be more happy that you had a good understanding of all bed options. First of all we have to understand the difference between wooden beds Vs. Engineered wood beds.

Solid Wood Bed –   Solid wood is one piece of hard wood from top to bottom. It comes in different thicknesses like .5, 1, 1.5 inches etc. Solid wood types are Sheesham, Aakacia, Teak, Mango etc.  If you get deep scratch or damages in the solid wood have options to refinish & remove scratch, damages and recolor it, after refinish it looks like brand new. Solid wood is always works like a investment, because it’s value always increase. After using long time, If you are bored with your solid wood design, then you can get new design in your old solid wood furniture, or If you want to resell your used solid wood furniture, you will get decent value, because it is long lasting. Mostly, we use bed for 8 hours at night and house wives also use 2-3 hours at day time. Most of that time we are sleeping. From ancient time Solid wood is mostly used to make furniture, but nowadays there is shortage of solid wood, so there are developments of materials which can be used as an alternative to solid wood is called engineered wood.

Engineered Wood Bed – Some common Types of engineered woods are plywood, block board, hdf, mdf, particle board. Particle board is very cheap quality of engineered wood and Plywood is Best quality of engineered wood. Particle Board is made by dust of wood while Plywood is made by combination of some dust of wood and some original wood in form of layers. In India, a simple family commonly used  plywood as a engineered wood. MDF has been mostly use to make decorative jalis for home.

Conclusions- As far as making a bed is concerned, for Indian homes, economically good family can use Wooden Bed, while economically average family can use plywood and block board bed. If budget is low then you use mdf as well as particle board, but Mdf & Particle board bed is very cheap quality of engineered wood. Mdf & Particle board Bed is cost wise reasonable but every night you feel that we had not to purchase cheap quality bed. If we are concerned about quality & durability then Wooden Bed is long lasting, while Plywood & block board is also some durable, but other types of engineered wood is very cheap in quality. Except wooden bed, you will get issues after time being. When told to choose Bed, between engineered wood and solid wood bed, most people would surely choose the solid wood bed heartily.

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