What is Dynamic/Flexi product pricing?

What is Dynamic/Flexi product pricing?

Many of us were planning to shift in our new home or to renovate our home with beautiful furniture and decor but unfortunately covid-19 pandemic has hit the pause button to all our plans but now is the time to plan again in a better way.

Saving our hard-earned money is the best way to beat the financial crises which all of us are facing due to covid – 19 pandemic at the same time staying positive towards life is the need of the hour

We are trying hard to accommodate every customer by keeping a sustainable chain of production thus FLEXI PRICING is an attempt to provide the highest level of service possible for our customers.

We understand that furniture is a key aspect of every dream home so, we came up with Dynamic/Flexi product pricing in this model if you wish to choose our normal course of delivery time which is 15 days you shall order products at regular pricing and get delivery within 15 days but to give benefit to the people who believe in the phrase “Plan Before and Save More” can avail the benefit of Flexi prices linked to delivery timeline.

We request you choose the delivery date of coming months to take benefit of great discounts that never offered in the past.


Steps to avail of benefit


1. Click on the price range of the product you want to buy.



2. Select the delivery time you are comfortable with.



3. Click on the Checkout button.


How Flexi Pricing enable us to offer big discount:


  • Minimizing the operational cost of manufacturing: Use of automated CNC machines enables us plan our production very precisely thus cut down the labour cost.
  • No extra procurement: All the raw material required for production is purchased in exact quantities hence cost of raw material is minimized.
  • Procurement from point of origin: We purchase our raw material directly from the original manufacture of raw material hence by eliminating mediators in procurement process we save a lot.
  • Bulk Production: We accumulate the order and then each product that we make is manufactured in bulk so we save a lot of time and labour.
  • Separate production line for each product: Because of pre defined order quantities each product is manufactured in separate and continuous production lines which enable us to cut down wastage from 25% to just 4%.
  • Delivering directly from manufacturing plant: We are not renting properties (warehouse) so we are delivering our products directly from manufacturing plant hence delivery time line allow us to plan more efficient logistic saves the rent cost.
  • Our customer speaks for us: Over the years by maintaining highest level of product quality and service we have established trust among our customers and they love to talk about us so we are now allocating minimum budget in marketing.

This is our way of “Plan Before Save More”


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